Chicken Enchiladas

Last Friday I went to a Friday happy hour on the cheap at my friend’s house and offered to bring dinner for the group. The ingredients for Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas were sitting in my kitchen so I figured this would be a great item to bring over.

Before making it, I was a little worried that the white bean portion of the recipe would be a little too overpowering, but the balance of the chicken and bean, mixed with the creamy sauce and cheese was just perfect. All four of us really enjoyed it and really…1-2 enchiladas was perfectly filling.

Some notes/adjustments (very minor):

  • I didn’t use low-fat sour cream or low-fat cheese OR low-fat tortillas. Eh.
  • I used whole wheat tortillas since they were the same price at Target as the regular ones, so I figured what the hell
  • I didn’t actually measure how much sour cream I put in the sauce and probably put a little extra (because…yum.)
  • I got lazy and didn’t shred the chicken all that much. It was mostly chunked but that didn’t make a huge difference in the meal. Although the chicken did fall out of the tortillas once or twice during the roll/transfer to pan portion of the recipe
  • We baked the enchiladas for 25 minutes and then took the tin foil off and baked them for another 10 minutes to get some browning on top. I like crusty cheese ends.

Overall, the prep and assembling of this meal was very straight-forward and the amount of ingredients was good–I had a lot of the items on hand and the rest were easy to find and low-cost. It perfectly made the 8 servings listed, served 4 of us and I even had a couple left over for lunch the next day!

The only bummer is that it used 3 big pans to make–that’s a lot of dishwashing. But overall, that’s a small price to pay for a great-tasking meal.

I will definitely be making this again–and even sent the recipe on to friends after the meal. It’s always a good sign when people request the recipe!

Taste: 5 stars (out of 5)

Ease of Prep: 4 stars  (out of 5)

Many thanks to for the recipe!

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