Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas

Who doesn’t love a taco?

I ran into this recipe first through Iowa Girl Eats who posted the original recipe from Skinny Taste (I totally went down the Internet Rabbit Hole…). IGE raved about the meal and suggested serving it over rice, but I love me a taco so I decided to go that way.

Now, this one was a total shopping/planning fail on my part. The recipe calls for a pork shoulder and adobo peppers. I couldn’t find a shoulder so I used a roast and totally forgot to buy the adobo peppers (bummer). I also completely forgot to add the cumin before the meat went into the pot. See? Total fail on my part. Luckily this recipe if pretty forgiving. 🙂

The hardest part of this recipe is getting up early enough to have the time to brown the pork and prep it for the pot. All-in-all, this took about 15 minutes, although while it was browning, I did some dishes and fed the dog. Hands-on time, maybe 5 minutes.

Brown the pork, and while you let it cool a bit, slice up 4 cloves of garlic.

Then you cut random slits in the pork and shove in your garlic slices. Mine were all different sizes and some were smashed (since that’s how I remove the skin from garlic) but it didn’t matter. Into the pot with the rest of the ingredients and spices and you’re good to go!

I checked on the meat after about 6 hours and noticed that my chicken broth was pretty much gone so I dumped about a cup more in the pot. I’m thinking that more was needed because I got a roast instead of a shoulder. There wasn’t a lot of juice in the meat.

8 hours later I barely touched the meat and it broke apart into shreds. I tried to find my bay leaves but only found one…I’m assuming the other will pop up once I make it through my leftovers.

I then made quick tacos with sour cream, cheese, and the meat. I would recommend adding tomatoes and possibly lettuce with this as well.

Overall I didn’t miss the adobo peppers that much, but I think this will be even better with them. While tasty, it was missing a bit of a kick that I like in my tacos. Still, it’s a great recipe and made a bunch of leftovers that I’m still eating.


Ease of Prep: 4 out of 5 stars (only because you have to brown AND chop garlic AND cut into the meat)

Taste: 3 out of 5 stars (probably because of the missing adobo peppers and the fact that this was a roast instead of a shoulder)

Leftovers: 3 out of 5 stars. This is a great leftover meal since it makes a bunch, but it does get a little dry.

Many thanks to Skinny Taste (again) for the recipe.

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