My name is Amanda and I enjoy cooking. Unfortunately, I typically need a recipe to do so–I’m not a person that confidently grabs a bunch of ingredients and comes up with a beautiful and tasty meal. I’m also a poor, single woman without a lot of fancy gadgets and ingredients, so most of what you’ll find here will be simple recipes that are easily made.

Fast facts:

  • I live in Chicago so I’ll have access to some ingredients that are not found in smaller towns–but I also won’t be purchasing anything exotic or super-expensive
  • I don’t own a food processor or the fancy Kitchen Aid mixer (I use a knife and a hand mixer!)
  • I’ll eat almost anything, but am currently afraid of (cooking) shellfish. Hopefully that’ll change soon.
  • I’m single and live alone so I try not to make a lot of sweets. I’ve found that if I make a pan of brownies, there’s no one else to eat them so I eat them all! Not the best idea. (I also work from home so there’s no office mates to dump them on!)
  • I am not a huge fan of “red sauces” on pasta. My story is that I ate a LOT of tomato sauce on noodles in college and I figure that I ate my lifetime share already. I’m not opposed to it, but it will typically not be my first choice.

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